2019 Rainbow swans mardi gras payment

Sydney Swans - Marching Uniforms.jpg

The Sydney Swans will once again take part in the annual Mardi Gras parade in 2019.

As the official LGBTIQ supporter group of the Swans, the Rainbow Swans will also play a huge role in representing the Sydney Swans fan base.

A limited number of spots have been allocated to 2019 financial Rainbow Swans members.

Congratulations you have been randomly selected from the ballot to participate in the Sydney Swans float.

To confirm your spot, please submit payment and complete the form by 5pm on Wednesday, 20 February 2019.

If you are unable to utilise your spot, please note these are not transferable and your spot will be allocated to another Rainbow Swans member.

If you are paying for multiple successful applicants please submit payment separately to ensure names and sizes are recorded accurately.